Branches Park

Branches is a 2 acre open area located on the southwest corner of Wild Horse Park. Park area is only accessible by foot as there is no parking for this area.

Centennial Park

Centennial Park

Centennial Park is a 7.5 Acre park with a playground, walking trail, two small pavilions, picnic tables, and outdoor cardio equipment.

Centennial Park is open from 4am until 10pm.

Curtis Park

Curtis Park is a 25 acre park that has a Playground, Rodeo Arena, Ball Diamonds,
Pavilion, Picnic Tables, Electric, and Water.

To reserve a ball field or pavilion please contact the Mustang Parks and Recreation office at 376-3411. The rodeo arena is operated by the Mustang Round Up Club.

Park is open from 4am until 10pm.

Dowden Park

Dowden Park is 3.15 Acres and includes a playground, one ball diamond, and pavilion.
Park is open from 4am until 10pm daily.

Elliott Park

Elliot Park is a 3 acre park that has a playground, walking trail, and a pond. Visitors will enjoy the natural setting with many large trees and wildlife, including fish.

Elliot Park is open from 4am until 10pm.

Heights Park

Heights Park is 1.80 Acres and includes a playground and basketball court.

Park is open from 4am-10pm daily.


Meadows Park is a 10 acre park that includes a basketball court, tennis courts, playground, and a small pavilion. In the winter of 2015-2016 a new walking trail will be added.

Park is open from 4 am, until 10 pm daily.

Old City Park

Old City Park is 3.5 Acres and includes Swings, Playground, Ball Diamond,
Pavilion, Picnic Tables, Grill, Electric and Water.

Wild Horse Park

Wild Horse Park is a 158 acre park that includes walking/biking trails, playground, pond, three small pavilions, one large pavilion, six field baseball complex, five field softball complex, dog park, soccer complex, and aquatic facility. Also located in Wild Horse Park is Mustang Town Center which house the library, recreation center, senior center, and banquet facilities.

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